Sophia Bush & Jensen Ackles

Tumblr dedicated to Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester from Supernatural) and Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill). I think they look so great together so I made this, I hope you like it!

Blog open: April 26 2010

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SPN/OTH AUBrooke, Dean and Sam are investigating a case. Sam goes to the crime scene to ask the neighbors what they know about it and Brooke and Dean go to the police station. Dean and Brooke arrive to the motel sooner than Sam and they they decide to play a little since Sam isn’t there and he doesn’t know anything about their relationship.

SPN/OTH AU - Dean and Brooke are on the road trying to bring Sam back to life and they are not focusing at all on their “secret” feelings about each other. They’ve been on this mission a long time without resting and they’re starting to get frustrated. They stop in a motel and Brooke’s tired of hiding her feelings, even more since she realised life’s too short, so she does something about it.

SPN/OTH AUThe last time Dean and Brooke saw each other he told her they couldn’t be together because he had to fight with his brother against Lucifer and he didn’t want her to get hurt. At the final battle Dean survived but Sam fell into Lucifer’s Cage and now Dean goes back to Brooke. When they finally meet again Brooke can feel something is wrong, even though Dean tries to smile.

"Cassie brought up something we need to talk about and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it because it’s making me crazy and I can’t even be engaged," Dean explained to Brooke quickly.

Brooke’s heart was thundering in her chest. “…what?”

"I’ve never thought of you as my sister," Dean found himself saying, sighing and shrugging. "I just…I tried to so many times, but I had a thing for you before our parents got married. Then I tried to bury it and then it just got deeper when you were in New York and I realized how much the distance was killing me. Do you know how many of those magazines I burned?"

"Why?" Brooke asked, not able to ask anything else as her body flushed at the words.

"You think I liked seeing that you were screwing other guys?" Dean asked her, suddenly a little angry. "God, I was dying. Then you told me that things were great and you were going on a date and I proposed to Cassie because I thought I needed to face facts: I’d never have you."

Brooke nodded slowly, Dean looking her in the eyes again. “Even if I felt the same way…Mom would not be pleased to hear any of this.”

"Did you just say ‘even if’?" Dean asked her, reaching out to cup her face.

Involuntarily, Brooke closed her eyes and sighed with relief, resting her cheek on his hand and just nodding. She knew that Dean could read body language and before she knew what was happening, she felt his hot breath on her face. Her eyes opened just in time for Dean’s mouth to cover hers and suddenly she felt like she was just going to melt right into him. Dean was kissing her and he was kissing her like a woman and not like his little sister, which in retrospect was good, because his tongue was teasing the corners of her mouth and you didn’t kiss a sister like that. - Forbidden, chapter 5

SPN/OTH AU - Brooke and Dean love each other but they never said it out loud. Dean is in a very dangerous mission alone and Brooke wants him back so he can be safe. Dean has to hurt her because that’s the only way to make her not follow him.

SPN/OTH AU - Brooke is secretly in love with Dean but he has a girlfriend and he’s very happy with her.

SPN/OTH AU - Dean has been teaching Brooke all he knows about hunting but she has never put her knowledge into action because Dean is too protective. Now Sam is in big trouble and needs his brother. Brooke wants to help Dean who doesn’t care about his life enough lately.

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