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Tumblr dedicated to Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester from Supernatural) and Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill). I think they look so great together so I made this, I hope you like it!

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Dean + shower appreciation post


Dean wasn’t entirely sure how to be a ‘dad’, but when faced with the possibility of this gangly kid being with his daughter, something protective boiled up inside of him. He was opening up his mouth before he could stop himself, Erin sitting right next to him enjoying her beer.

"Is sex happening here?" Dean asked quickly, looking between Lydia and Stiles.

Stiles looked at Dean. “I promise you both, okay…”

Lydia looked at her laughing mother. “‘No’, obviously.”

She didn’t know why that statement upset her, but it did and it hurt Stiles too, who was going to just be chivalrous about the question. Still, they both sucked it up when faced with Erin and Dean, Erin of whom noticed right away how they were both feeling—part of her job was to read people. Dean would have been reading them, but he was too busy thinking about the last time he and Erin had indulged themselves all those years ago.

"You’re not missing a thing," Erin told Lydia with a shrug, the two smiling as Erin sipped her beer again and Lydia drank her coffee, Dean pulling himself out of his thoughts.

"Just be careful," Dean said, and then it was time to change the subject.

(Blink of an Eye - A FanFic by Me [x])

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