Sophia Bush & Jensen Ackles

Tumblr dedicated to Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester from Supernatural) and Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill). I think they look so great together so I made this, I hope you like it!

Blog open: April 26 2010

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morning sunshine (〃 ´ω`♡ 〃)

morning sunshine 〃 ´ω`♡ 

Dean and Brooke- Amnesia


I will never get tired of giffing this… sweet jeezus!!

my favourite freckles are eye freckles  (✿◠‿◠)

and did I mention - FRECKLESSSS!?

Expectations vs. Reality (Part 2: Jensen Ackles)

{ Part 1: Misha Collins | Part 3: Jared Padalecki }

SPN/OTH AUBrooke, Dean and Sam are investigating a case. Sam goes to the crime scene to ask the neighbors what they know about it and Brooke and Dean go to the police station. Dean and Brooke arrive to the motel sooner than Sam and they they decide to play a little since Sam isn’t there and he doesn’t know anything about their relationship.

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